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Winter hair: the trendy colors

From coppery / honey textures to beige blondes passing through sophisticated rosy shades: here are the colors that will keep us company in the coming months. Going to the hair salon these days is pretty difficult due to pandemic situation in the world. Still, there is a lot we can do for our hair style at home.

It is often said that when a woman revolutionizes her hair look, a change is taking place, whether it is sentimental or business. Going to the hairdresser is therapeutic. In reality, there is not always a specific motivation that justifies the desire to revolutionize one’s appearance: sometimes in fact one simply feels the desire to see oneself different, whether it is to align with the trends of the moment or to show off a tidy head. The cold season is the perfect time to change habits, start a diet, eat healthy food. Winter is certainly the most suitable season to make a ‘head shot’ and renew the hairstyle: what are the winter 2020 hair trends?

Winter hair 2020: the coolest colors of the season

The next few months will be characterized by “colors in motion”, currently the strong point of the lightening services. The colors will be particularly “wearable” with an approach capable of emphasizing the personal characteristics of each individual, enhancing their unique personal style. Warm and cold tones will be blended to enhance the naturalness and movement of the hair.

How to identify the right color and avoid turning pale the complexion?

There is a method called “contouring”, already known in the make-up sector, which is now also used in the hairstylist world: it is a must for creating the perfect color. The result is a personalized chromatic harmony. Furthermore, the study of the morphology of the face and a careful chromatic analysis will be the strengths to give harmony and enhance the morphological characteristics of each face. A unique color!

Long live bright blondes

blonde hair

What are the coolest colors of the season for those who focus on light shades?

Blondes will be enveloping and luminous, pink shades will embellish the looks and enhance femininity. More beige blondes, coppery / honey textures and light shades of pink (for irisée effects) will be the most sought after, ideal for those with cold light complexions or warm light complexions ranging from pink, beige, porcelain to peach or cream skin.

The browns refer to the warm colors of the earth.

Coming to dark colors, which nuances to prefer?

Inspired by the earth, there will be the return of the “browns”. The browns will therefore be warm with plays of shades that will bring light to the new look. The amber shades will be the heart of this season and will join mocha shades and brown to create the perfect balance. The contrast with the black will create solidity to the look and the red / copper liveliness. There is something for all tastes and needs: you have to get advice from your hairstylist to choose the most suitable color scheme.

Home maintenance: useful products

How to behave with regard to home maintenance, what to use to prolong the brilliance of the color?

The best choice is to have professional products to use at home. Shampoo, mask, color protection would be the ideal partners for a good home maintenance. Do not forget the Leave-in conditioner (conditioner without rinsing), ideal for protecting, moisturizing and preserving the structure of the hair subjected during drying to the high temperatures of the hairdryer and plate. There are all the prerequisites for hair to be as healthy and shiny as it has just come out of the hairdresser.