What Is Tarmac Used For?

Tarmac is a type of road surface. It is often used in highways and airport runways, but can also be used in driveways and playgrounds. It is made of a mixture of tar, crushed stone, sand, and gravel or concrete.

There is reliable tarmac in Glasgow companies which provides extremely durable surfacing material. It can withstand many heavy vehicles and is highly resistant to ice & snow.

Road Surface

Tarmac is a popular surface material used on roads and driveways. It is a smooth surface and can be installed with borders of coloured block paving to give it an extra dimension of colour.

It is a durable and strong surfacing choice and is resistant to heavy vehicles & foot traffic. It is also good at deterring ice & snow build up in cold weather conditions.

Originally patented by Edgar Purnell Hooley in 1901 it has become a common surfacing material for driveways and other outdoor surfaces around the world. It is very resilient to a high amount of foot traffic and will last for years with very little maintenance.


To create a tarmac driveway, the ground will first be packed with subsoil. Then, a layer of gravel is added to the top of the ground before the base layer of tarmac is laid.

After this, a heavy roller is used to compact the layers of tarmac and make sure that there are no pockets or gaps where the surface could become compromised when in use.

This black, smooth, hard-wearing material is suitable for all types of driveways. It’s easy to lay and can be edged with concrete, kerb stones or decorative aggregates for an even more attractive finish.


Tarmac is a popular surface for playgrounds, it is strong, hard wearing and easy to clean. It is also resistant to heavy footfall and can handle pretty much anything thrown at it – from football, chalk drawings to messy play times spent exploring.

It is also easy to maintain and weed free and it can be edged for a more finished look. It is also highly resistant to cold, frost and rain – meaning that it is suitable for playgrounds in all weather conditions.

Car Parking Surfaces

Tarmac, sometimes referred to as tarmacadam or tarmacadam, is an extremely resilient and weather resistant surface material that can be used on roads and driveways around the UK. It is made up of crushed stone coated with tar and is highly popular for use as a surfacing option due to its durability, long lasting looks and low maintenance requirements.

Tarmac is also a great choice for playground surfaces, able to withstand heavy footfall, chalk drawing and messy play times. It is also very resistant to hot sun, ice and snow. It can easily be recycled which is a great environmentally friendly choice for schools.