Style Influences

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Find Out What Style is and What Influences it Has on You and Others!

Has it ever happened to you to evaluate a person by his way of dressing, moving, behaving?

You often think “that person has style”, but what is style?

Style is something that goes beyond appearance, it has its roots in the depth of the human being, it is the expression of your personality, it is your individual and recognizable way of expressing yourself.

Through style you express yourself, you communicate to the world who you are!

Having style is therefore not just a matter of wardrobe, it is above all a way of living, of being, of feeling good about yourself. Style affects everything you do, say and wear on a daily basis.

So how you dress, move, talk and behave becomes your communication tool to represent your personal identity: who I am, what role I play in society, what is my peculiarity and how I want to communicate it to others. There are people who have style to spare, but unfortunately no one can buy it.

Who wishes to have style must create his own

The style is therefore personal, something unique and distinctive of the person, linked to
own identuty. Through your way of dressing you declare your way of being. Analyzed from this point of view, fashion becomes a particular form of communication that involves the body, colors, shapes and non-verbal language, as well as the relationship with the other.

Clothes are a means by which you introduce yourself to others and mirror your mood of the moment. Believe it or not, the choice of clothes you wear every day is strongly conditioned by your mood, even if you are not aware of it. Notice if we are sad we automatically look for clothes that do not enhance us while if, on the contrary, we feel happy, we use outfits that show our strengths. If our mood affects the way we dress, the opposite also happens. Clothes can help us raise self-esteem and believe more in ourselves.

Karen Pin, a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire, has published a book that talks about the way in which a certain outfit is able to change not only the way we are seen by others, but also the perception we have of ourselves and our self-esteem.

Wearing Superman’s t-shirt increases our perception of strength?

Yes, the experiment carried out proves just that! If you ask a guy in a Superman t-shirt to estimate how much weight he can lift he will respond with a higher number than a guy who has a regular shirt. Not only that, the answer is superior even in comparison to a bigger guy.

Another experiment involved some women struggling with a math test. Those dressed in a jumpsuit had worse results than those in a sweater, while the best results were by wearing a white coat, because the brain in this case is ‘convinced’ that it has the mental abilities associated with a doctor.

Are we what we dress?

The conclusions of the psychologists confirm not only that we are what we dress but that we become what we dress.