Skills You Need To Be A Letting Agent

Letting agents have multiple responsibilities that need to be completed on a daily basis. These include marketing properties, meeting with tenants and landlords, drawing up tenancy agreements and managing rental payments.

To be a successful working in letting agents in glasgow, you need to have strong customer service skills and be willing to work hard. You should also have a willingness to travel, as some jobs involve visiting property locations.

Customer Service

A letting agent is responsible for renting out properties on behalf of owners. This involves sourcing tenants, collecting rent payments and managing any maintenance issues. Having excellent customer service skills is vital for this role. They must be able to answer questions quickly and clearly, and communicate effectively with both potential tenants and landlords.

They must also have strong emotional intelligence, which means they can recognize when they are getting flustered or angry and take steps to calm down. This includes things like deep breathing and staying positive when dealing with difficult situations.


Letting agents are a customer service-based occupation and can have a great deal of contact with customers. They need to be able to communicate with their clients effectively and understand their needs. This will enable them to match them with the right property.

They may work in a conventional office environment, or from home. They can also attend community events to promote their properties and meet with potential customers. They must be able to negotiate with clients to find the best possible deal for them.


A strong understanding of marketing is essential for rental agents. This is because they often work with people who are unfamiliar with the rental market and its prices and availability. Moreover, they must be able to understand their clients’ needs and wants in order to find them the best property at the right price.

Letting agents also need to be able to advertise their properties in the local area and online. They may also need to know how to draw up tenancy agreements and handle any issues that arise during the tenancy period.


Letting agents are responsible for managing properties on behalf of landlords. This includes marketing a property, screening and selecting tenants, and handling all repairs. They also need to understand real estate law and be able to negotiate deals.

Top letting agents have strong negotiation skills. They are able to listen to their clients’ needs and wants, and work hard to arrive at an agreement that is mutually beneficial. In addition, they are able to make the process as efficient as possible for their clients.