Are Plastic Business Cards The Answer To Networking In 2021?

As companies swap out their old cards for more modern plastic-based business cards, the plastic business card industry is also expanding and evolving, thanks to increased interest and new printing technology. For a business, it’s a simple way to stay in touch with current customers while creating a connection that stays fresh. For an individual, it provides quick, easy access to a wide range of contact information without the need to make several different visits to several different establishments. For both companies and individuals, it’s an excellent option for creating a more personalized experience. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you create your next business card.

Starting Your Search For Plastic Business Cards

When you start your search for business cards that are both convenient and effective, you’ll likely come across many sites that claim to offer the perfect solution. However, if you aren’t careful, you might make the wrong choice. Because networking is an important part of being a business owner, it’s smart to consider what types of contact information you might make available to potential clients. If you think you’re ready to begin using networking to expand your reach, you might make the mistake of assuming you can write your own cards. While it’s true that good business cards printing company can provide you with the experience and the know-how necessary to custom design business cards, unless you have a background in business card design, the cards you produce will likely be poorly designed and printed.

Your business cards should convey your professionalism, your business and your unique branding.  Most people who are searching for business contact information prefer to deal with companies that seem organized, professional, and prepared to provide them with the information they’re looking for. To achieve this effect, your business cards should be printed in a clean, professional environment by Plastic Card Experts. The colours you choose for your business cards should be warm, neutral, and easy on the eye. When selecting the background for your business cards, your best bet would be to use a color that communicates your business’s main point – to provide contact information for the consumer.

Some of the key benefits that plastic cards offer to business clients and individuals alike include the following:

  • Low cost and affordability
  • Robustness and longevity thanks to their material and construction
  • A wide range of colours, patterns and designs to match the business or individual
  • Customisation options and a range of sizes available

Using Existing Resources

If you have any significant networking connections, it’s always helpful to distribute business cards related to your networking events. Whether you’re inviting a local developer to a networking event, networking with a national network, or you’re just trying to introduce someone new to your company, business cards related to networking events are an effective way to share information. When distributed properly, networking business cards create an impression of a serious business. Because your potential customers might never have met the person behind the card – unless they’re one of your client’s contacts – if there’s a contact photo included on your business cards, it creates a good first impression.

Business cards with photos aren’t the only option to create a good first impression. For events such as open houses and trade shows, using promotional pens and magnets can also provide your contact details in addition to your business address. Because these items carry your contact details along with your business, customers will have a clear idea of who you are without having to see your business card. Plus, these items are relatively inexpensive when compared to professionally printed business cards.

Another option for printing contact information on your business cards is direct mailing. This option is particularly useful for small businesses without many transactions to process. Instead of renting or purchasing business cards, you can mail them yourself or hire a local printing service to print them for you. Mailing your cards is a simple process that allows you to target people in your specific area, but it does require more investment than the other options. If you decide to mail your cards yourself, you’ll need envelopes, paper, and a stamp. These costs may necessarily not fit into your marketing budget.

Using Your Business Cards Within Your Field

If you opt for the second option–mailing your business cards–you should consider many things. Firstly, how many people do you intend to mail your cards to? Depending on the frequency of your business, this may be a few times a year. A more frequent mailing might be a better solution if your business serves a specific area, since the recipients will have more opportunity to see your business card regularly. Also, how many people do you want to reach? If you only intend to mail them to existing clients, you may not get many people to sign up for your mailing list.

You should carefully plan your marketing strategy to make sure that you reach as many people as possible. Whether you choose the first impression option or purchase and print your own cards, making sure to advertise in a way that makes a big impact can help you boost sales. Using plastic business cards as a means of promoting your networking event is one way that you can create that big impression.


No matter what type of media you choose, you’ll need to make sure to provide potential clients with a great first impression, so you’ll want to be sure your cards reflect the image you’re trying to project. Whether it’s a networking event or a business talk, your first impression will be invaluable. Having plastic business cards at your disposal is a brilliant way to make a signifcant impression with cost effective and well designed business cards. Plastic business cards are also significantly less likely to become damaged unlike older style paper or regular style cards which can be more susceptible to damage.