The Advantages of Having Pierced Earrings and Clip On Earrings in your Jewelry Box

Everybody knows that women go crazy about different kinds of jewelry. And any modern woman should have different types of jewelry including ear-rings, necklaces, rings, etc. There're two major kinds of earrings: pierced earrings and clip on earrings. If you're thinking about what kind is more preferable, our advice will be that both of these kinds of earrings should be present in a woman's jewelry box. Trying different earrings gives an excellent opportunity to become more fashionable, beautiful, and stylish. Besides, most of earrings give you the complete feeling of comfort. So, be bold enough to try both styles of earrings. Thus, you can wear pierced earrings on a daily basis, and in order to give your ears a rest, it's recommended to wear clip on earrings. So, you can just switch between these two styles of earrings to get different looks and different comfort levels.

Bold and massive earrings are an excellent choice for joyful night parties, while smaller and more modest earrings are better for everyday life. Don't be too keen on wearing massive earrings, as the latter can weigh down your earlobe. If you like wearing big pierced earrings, your earlobes can droop or the holes can be stretched. Thus, if you wear very heavy earrings too long, your ear holes will become stretched to such an extent that you won't be able to wear small, delicate studs anymore. But you can avoid this problem by wearing your beautiful bold clip on earrings. The clip earring can better hold to your ear and thus keep the earring in the ideal spot with no risk of damaging your earlobe.

Nowadays, many women choose a vintage look. You can emphasize this style with vintage clip on earrings. It's important to say that real vintage pieces are available in clip on variants because this style of earrings was most popular in the last decades of years. Complicated detailed designs, Art deco, silver clip on earrings and other sorts of earrings are just excellent in a clip on or screw-back earring. You can also purchase fake diamond magnetic earrings which offer a classic diamond look at a reasonable price. Besides, you're guaranteed to feel comfortable while wearing these earrings. It's necessary to emphasize that magnetic earrings are easy to put on, to wear and to look excellent in. If you've never worn magnetic earrings, it's better to start from rather simple, classic diamond studs s your first earrings. You'll certainly fall in love with yourself and feel comfortable wearing these earrings, as magnets securely hold the earring to your ear.

According to statistic data, about 80% of American women have pierced ears, as they consider this to be one of the most attractive form of accessorizing. For various reasons, this leaves a large number of women on the search for a stylish substitute. No matter what kind of earrings you're looking for: classic hoop, a fancy dangle, or simple, clip on earrings are available in different shapes and styles and are created in such a way to have a real look. And it's also necessary to say that clip on earrings intend to make you look young and stylish while feeling comfortable. These earrings are constantly growing in popularity and offer a wide choice as the pierced earrings.

Some women however don't want to pierce their ears but at the same time they want to look beautiful and sexy. These people choose to wear clip on earrings. In this way, many modern celebrities of all ages don't have their ears pierced. For instance, until a few years ago, such famous women as Oprah and Jennifer Garner wore clip on earrings only. And Blake Lively still hasn't pierced her earlobes. Nevertheless, all of these women always look romantic and attractive.