Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Unfortunately, most of contemporary decorators as well as homeowners pay little attention to bathroom flooring in their houses. It can be explained by the fact that the only part of the body that comes into contact with the floor is the feet in contrast to toilets, sinks, and shower enclosures, for instance. The latter are used in a much wider range of ways, so they need to look properly as well. To tell you the truth, ignoring bathroom flooring is not a right approach to creating your personal style in the house, so if you're planning to make a complete renovation of your bathroom, pay special attention to its flooring. You should be aware that the proper bathroom flooring will not only add excellence appearance to your bathroom in general, but also make it more functional.

One can't even imagine how many bathroom flooring ideas are there to choose from. You can find very familiar as well as unique and even unusual and strange ideas, nevertheless, the first things for you to consider are cleanliness and safety of the flooring you are going to purchase. It's also extremely important to consider bathroom floor material. A bathroom is the part of your house that faces much water and damp, so choosing the right material you should remember that the latter has to have some kind of friction on it to avoid much slippage after another shower. Besides, it's highly recommended to select the flooring material that would be rather easy to clean and not have any unpleasant odor that often happens with some types of bathroom flooring.

Speaking about bathroom floor material it's also important to add that choosing one you should consider the amount of water spillage that usually takes place in your bathroom. You can choose from extremely luxurious bathroom designs or much simpler ones, nevertheless, the higher mentioned aspect is extremely important to consider. Depending on the amount of water in your bathroom, your bathroom floor material will be more or less durable, clean and attractive. So, of course it's better to avoid spilling much water onto the floor, for it you may use special curtains, etc. Now, let's discuss some of the most popular contemporary bathroom flooring ideas.

Ceramic tile is probably the most commonly used bathroom flooring nowadays due to its prominent advantages like durability and hygienic character. It is just ideal for bathrooms of smaller size where rather big ceramic tiles can make your bathroom visually larger. Besides, this material is waterproof, easy to clean, and stain resistant. Another advantage of ceramic tiles is that they are available in a great variety of patterns, colors, sizes, styles, shapes, textures, etc. But the drawback of ceramic tiles consists in the fact that the floor is always cold, it can be slippery if wet and is prone to mildew and mold in grouting.

Another type of bathroom flooring is vinyl flooring. It may look like marble, brick, slate, or wood flooring. The main advantages of vinyl flooring are its non-allergenic, stain-resistant, and waterproof nature. Besides, it is very durable and extremely easy to maintain.

Less commonly used bathroom flooring ideas include hardwood, laminates, cork, carpet, and rubber. The choice of any of these options depends on the main floor plan in your house or apartment. Thus, for instance, if your home's main flooring is hardwood, it would be great to use this material in your bathroom as well. Hardwood is very warm to the feet and has a pleasant appearance, but, unfortunately, it can be destroyed by moisture, especially if not coated with water-resistant sealant.

The carpet is another good choice which is rather resistant to water, mildew and stain, so it proves to be also quite durable. Carpet proves efficient for families who have no little children, otherwise your bathroom carpet will suffer from constant water soakings and spillage during children's game in the bathtub.

If you have decided to use cork as a flooring material for your bathroom you're going to enjoy its high quality and warm feeling to the feet, in addition, this material is sound proof, not slippery and rot-proof even when wet.

Rubber is another durable flooring material that is also resistant to different undesired elements, however, it needs to be studded not to get slippery.

For people who are looking for high quality and exquisite style, it's recommended to create a really luxurious bathroom design with the help of such bathroom flooring ideas as stone flooring, slate, marble, and limestone. All of these flooring materials are very durable, resistant to tear and wear and simply attractive. The only drawback of these materials consists in the fact that they are rather cold to the feet, so you'll have to consider installing heated bathroom flooring. In addition, these types of flooring may need sealing to avoid staining.

Summing up, it's necessary to say that while selecting proper bathroom flooring, it's important to consider quality, affordability, and practicality of the used materials. Even though if you choose an expensive bathroom flooring idea it will become an excellent investment into your house, as it will raise the value of it if you wish to sell your house.