American Akita Temperament and Lifespan

Akita has a good character which makes them perfect for a family pet. They are known as a quiet dog which barks only when it is required. Many fans of the breed say that Akitas are made to feel relaxed and calm, so help people cope with stress, look

In addition to relaxing, sociable nature Akitas are known for their cleanliness, some people compare them with the cats for the lack of smell and clean appearance. Dogs Akita are very patient and dedicated, get along well with children and tend to defend them.

However, since Akitas possess proprietary and hunting instincts, it is desirable to accustom them to communicate with other animals at an early age. Akita which grew up together with other animals, cats or dogs will get along well with them in the future, but without early socialization, they can be aggressive toward other pets, especially dogs of the same sex.

Akita are very loyal and powerful protectors that makes them good watchdogs. Akita is an intelligent and calm dog, but at the same time it is independent and possessing a strong will, so training a dog cannot be a simple matter.. The dogs live about 10-12 years.

How Much Does a American Akita Cost and Price Range

Show class dogs are the most expensive, they cost from 3 to 10 thousand dollars. This dog is usually with a clear pedigree, absolutely healthy, both physically and mentally. They are perfect for exhibitions. Breed show class is similar to the representatives of the show quality dogs but in contrast to the first type they are perfect for breeding. Price range is about 2.5 - 4 thousand dollars. Pet-Class includes puppies which can be not worse dogs for the family but there are some different cosmetic defects (for example, defects of teeth, disturbances in color, etc.), which are not valid for show dogs. The pricing policy of the puppies is half the cost of a standard Akita.

American Akita Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Weight: 32 - 45 kg for females and 40 - 45 kg for males. Height is 58 - 64 cm fpr females and 64 - 70 cm for males. Color: any (red, white, gray, piebald, etc), as long as it is pure. Possible stains should also be clear. Coat: double, having undercoat. The top coat is slightly longer and rougher than an undercoat, which is pretty thick and soft. Wool length is about 5 cm (on the belly and tail is a little longer)

American Akita Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Akita is the oldest and the most important Japanese breed of dogs. This animal has created around it the whole subculture and performs an essential function of national identity in Japan. In honor of these dogs residents of the country of the Rising Sun are erecting monuments, write songs and children's books. Breed dogs Akita is captured on photo in pavilions subway and clean and neat bus stops of Asian streets.

Akita Inu symbolizes loyalty, love and kindness - the most beautiful and important things in the world.